Making You Bigger and The World Smaller
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What Teachers do?

You don't need to be a professional teacher to be able to teach English, you just need to be able to be better than the people you are teaching!

We teach FREE lessons!

Teachers can make a difference in the world by just teaching one 20-minute lesson each week!

We teach English to all different levels of students in all different countries around the world, from all different countries around the world!

We teach all LIVE lessons. Even though we may have links to valuable videos sometimes, the teachers teach LIVE lessons!

Local teachers in each non-English speaking countries teach beginner level and higher students.

Native English-speaking teachers teach intermediate and higher level students.

Teachers teach as much as they want to.

Teachers have their own account on a live broadcasting platform of their choice (Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live Streaming, Google Plus Live Stream, etc).

We let teachers have the freedom to plan their own lessons or to use ours.

Teachers just need to be consistent with their commitments of the schedule they choose to withhold the integrity of themselves and

Would you like to join us in improving the communication of the world?